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Sub Effort G36

Sub Effort G36 is an attempt to use the aftermarket H&K G36 AR mag adapter. We have modified an AirSoft G36 AR magwell from Evike; the CO2 fittings have been chopped out and a Cammenga magazine and a Pro Mag fit.

The actual H&K metal adapter for the G36:

H&K G36 converter

If you don't want to pay $250 for a metal one, you can order a plastic one from Evike.com; what follows is a step by step pictorial of how to turn an AirSoft part into a magwell for a brick lower. With taking 60 MB worth of pictures, it only took an hour & 40 minutes.

The AirSoft G36 adapter block.

The Cammenga Easymag.

It won't fit.

Airsoft parts in the way.

The bottom.

The inside.

More inside.

Yet more inside.

The problem.

The front.

The right side.

The left side.

The back.

Leatherman screwdriver.


First problem off.

The first step is easy. Pop that top bit off w/ a screwdriver.

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