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Sub Effort Safety is an attempt to render standard AR trigger parts safe, using widely available parts.

The problem for us is the standard AR safety was not designed to fit standard plastic brick holes. It is too large in diameter, and is not long enough to go through a full size brick and be properly centered on the AR trigger group. However, aftermarket replacement safeties offer us salvation via our standard hardware screws and bushings.


The Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector (BAD ASS) obviously screws together. However, the center part is still not going to fit through standard size brick holes. And it's just as wide as a standard aluminum AR receiver, so how are we going to fit it in our plastic brick receiver?

By NOT having a standard width AR receiver at the safety lever. The safety well will be at least as wide as the center part of our ASS (ha ha), and if the well's even wider, then our regular bushings will center it. Bushings will be in the brick holes to center the screws. At least one lever will be secured to one screw with Red Loctite. The other side can use another lever, or just a screw and bushings. The screws and center will use Red Loctite to keep the lever and center from rotating against each other.

Shipped price before our hardware screws & bushings? $43.90 - unless someone has a better idea.(see below) We still need to figure out if we'll use the safety detent, or not Loctite the non-lever side, use a lock washer, and use screw pressure on one side to hold the safety in place. Once the red Loctite goes on, this part of the lower is not coming apart - any heat to melt the Loctite will melt the surrounding plastic bricks.

A good discussion on ARFCOM on what lever to pick.

Many thanks to nateebobo at ARFCOM for putting us onto the BAD ASS.

Our first contest. A free BAD ASS (single arm) to the first Feinstein Project unindicted co-conspirator who builds to the point of needing a safety. The contest will run 'til it ships or we come up with a better idea. Oops. That just happened. A free Defense Package instead - see below. Our second contest.

And the $34.95 option - Defense Package. Not as nice as the BAD ASS, but less expensive.

Many thanks to TugboatVA at ARFCOM for putting us onto the Defense Package, even though he didn't have a good word to say about it.

The Defense Package.

And now we find Hera Arms of Germany also has an ambidextrous safety.

Hera Arms MPSS.

The holy grail would be this:

A drawing by CMMGinc.

I'm always amazed when industry folks take me seriously. The lovely picture was posted by ARFCOM member CMMGinc in this thread.