Lines of Effort

Effort Connecticut

Effort Connecticut is Efforts Thumbhole, Bloomberg, and Kalashnikov modified to meet Connecticut law regarding thumbhole stocks, trigger finger location, and use of AR parts. It will likely use Ruger Mini mags and an AK or Saiga FCG.

The construction of a non-thumbhole stock is quite easy; follow the plans for Effort Thumbhole and add a few bricks where the hole is. You'll probably have to glue the stock together, lest you be accused of having an easily removed thumbhole. Try to let the glue dry before trying out your new stock - Connecticut law is not yet ready to deal with citizens with permanently attached evil multi-colored rifles made of plastic bricks.

The upside down non-AR.

Our first proposal involves placing our receiver on top, and firing the trigger with one's pinkie. A scope mount would then be glued on top of the upper grip tower. A variation of this design would be to use a more traditional carry handle, which would force the shooter to the old-fashioned chicken wing shooting posture.

The upside down non-AR with carry handle.

Our second proposal involves using a piston operated upper with the operating spring up front, such as the Olympic Arms OA-93 upper (with a longer barrel, of course), Rock River LAR PDS, or the Faxon Firearms ARAK-21. Other piston uppers that may work include the Bushmaster ACR, or the Robinson XCR-L should uppers become available, or the FN SCAR 16. To move the trigger behind the action, a Saiga FCS will be used. In order to further demonstrate that this is not an AR design, Ruger Mini magazines will be used.

An AR-looking rifle without AR parts.

The more intriguing possibility would be a left handed hopper, a la the Japanese Type 11 light machinegun, of a 10 round capacity. Gravity feed might not work for bump firing, but should be good for semi-auto. It could be made of mostly clear bricks so the rounds remaining could clearly be seen, and it could be covered to keep dust out.

The Japanese Type 11 Light Machine Gun.

Thanks to Wikipedia Commons for the above photo.

Loki has pointed out that a single column hopper could be set up to take stripper clips.

We will be seeking out advice from other Connecitcut citizens as to how to meet the requirements of Connecticut law.