Lines of Effort

Effort Glue

Version 3 of stock core.

Effort Glue will catalog the techniques and materials used to permanently couple bricks and other parts together. Red Loctite, for instance, will be used in Sub Effort Safety. Bricks may be glued together using ordinary ABS cement, or coupled together by melting with acetone. Gaps may be filled with epoxy, particularly in the lower receiver.

Many thanks to Covertness @ ARFCOM who put us on to acetone. Cheers to DIYinSTL @ ARFCOM who put us onto ABS cement.

Here is Loctite's 2011 plastic glue manual. Many thanks to SpaceViking.

Balding Middle-aged Guy pointed out that some components could be zip-tied together instead of using glue.

From an earlier attempt with Loctite 2 part plastic epoxy, these parts were able to be pried off:

Remains of 2 part epoxy.

Remains of 2 part epoxy part 2.

Just completed gluing the top and bottom of Effort Thumbhole Version 7A. A couple of lessons learned:

1) Hold the part in your hand the way you are going to place it on the stock. Then add glue. This reduces the number of times you have to flip a superglued part around in your fingers to place it on the stock.

2) Be careful that you don't stick to yourself, the stock, or the tube of Super Glue.

3) Super Glue spits, particularly with a fresh tube.

4) The more you glue, the more will be on your fingers, and the less sensation you will have. Ergo, your propensity to drop things increases.

Stock version 7A with SuperGlue tubes.

We humbly hope our patron approves of this photograph.