Lines of Effort

Effort Hopper

Effort Hopper is derived from ideas first floated in Efforts California, Connecticut, and New York.

Japanese Type 11 light machinegun.

With the aid of an H&K single stack magazine for their SL-8 rifle, we should be able to build and test a single stack hopper for the AR-15:

HK SL-8 magazine.

Many thanks to the designers at Heckler and Koch for jumping through the 922r hoops to bring the SL8 single stack magazine to the US.

Connecticut, with their demand that a rifle's action not be above the fingers of the trigger finger hand first inspired us to envision the AR turned upside down:

The upside down non-AR with carry handle.

As you can see from the following pictures, we have arrived at a similar configuration, albeit with an evil patriotic stabby thing on the front:

HK SL-8 magazine.

HK SL-8 magazine.

HK SL-8 magazine.