Lines of Effort

Effort New York

Effort New York is Efforts Thumbhole and Bloomberg modified to meet New York law regarding thumbhole stocks and removeable magazines.

The construction of a non-thumbhole stock is quite easy; follow the plans for Effort Thumbhole and add a few bricks where the hole is. You'll probably have to glue the stock together, lest you be accused of having an easily removed thumbhole. Try to let the glue dry before trying out your new stock - New York law is not yet ready to deal with citizens with permanently attached evil multi-colored rifles made of plastic bricks.

The most intriguing possibility would be a left handed hopper, a la the Japanese Type 11 light machinegun, of a 7 round capacity. Gravity feed might not work for bump firing, but should be good for semi-auto. It could be made of mostly clear bricks so the rounds remaining could clearly be seen, and it could be covered to keep dust out.

The Japanese Type 11 Light Machine Gun.

Thanks to Wikipedia Commons for the above photo.

The upper may have to be tilted 45 degrees in order to secure a reliable feed, with the hopper pointing 45 degrees in the opposite direction. This will allow use of common 45 degree rail adapters to center the scope over the action; the forward free float rail will just be attached to the upper at a 45 degree angle. If the height of the scope is bumped up by the angled rail adapters, the non-thumbhole stock can easily have the correct height cheekpiece built in.

Loki has pointed out that a single column hopper could be set up to take stripper clips.

We will be seeking out advice from other New York citizens as to how to meet the requirements of New York law.