Lines of Effort

Effort Pelosi

Effort Pelosi celebrates the reelection of Representative Pelosi of California as the leader of the minority party in the House of Representatives. The Democratic People's Republic of Kalifornia has banned all magazines over 10 rounds, including previously grandfathered ones. This may make magazines too short to use as a monopod as shooters behind the lines have been used to. We aim to provide an extended baseplate that fits to popular sub-capacity magazines so that shooters can still monopod their rifles or pistols from the prone.

Our aim here is NOT to utilize Effort Glue, but instead hold the extended baseplate together with easily removed screws, the same diameter as used in Feinstein Gewehr Werke's Mk 8 stock.

We plan to experiment using MagPul's excellent 10 round magazine first:

Academy pic of MagPul magazine.

We begin:

Plastic bricks attached to floorplate slot.

Turns out 5mm furniture pins fit perfectly in certain plastic bricks. And a 3mm pin fits in the floorplate slot of MagPul's magazine. Guess who makes 5-3mm pin reducers? Hillman.