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The as yet unindicted co-conspirators of the Feinstein Project:

The esteemed gentleman of the Commonwealth of Virginia is the provider of our very first magazine well:

The Virginians 22 lower.

He recognized the possibilities and was the first to pursue Effort 22.

The Musician hails from California and works with very large and complex musical instruments. When he's not designing jigs for us he's busy building AR lowers out of toilet paper:

The Musician's here!  Hide the toilet paper!

Loki, The Roommate, pointed out a California bullet hopper would be perfect to feed stripper clips into.

Your editor keeps the desert ennui at bay with this project and learning to ride the unicycle. A servant of the Constitution of these United States, you pay him enough to indulge his childhood fantasies of plastic bricks. He's bound and determined that we shall have a thumbhole stock:

See how the studs match?

He is also the Managing Member of Mischief of Feinstein Gewehr Werke, LLC which produces plastic brick gun stock kits.

The Assistant Gunner, Cheeky, has graciously submitted a pic - that's him behind the windshield: Cheeky's cockpit.

Our patron, Lord He Who Shall Not Be Named For Copyright Reasons, assures us he has an AWESOME glue available for us. In fact, it should become available next Tuesday.