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So you're building a toy gun out of plastic bricks? - Er, no. You know how a Glock has a plastic frame? It's not a toy. We're building a REAL gun out of plastic bricks. Not as nicely engineered as a Glock, for sure, but definitely plastic.

You're killing my happy childhood memories here. - I know, right? When I was a kid, I built laser pistols out of LEGO, not some ancient late '50's design.

You guys are so going to gaol. Building an assault rifle at home is illegal. - Either you live under a rock or obviously not in a free state. In the free states within the United States, building a semi-automatic rifle, pistol, or shotgun at home, for personal use, is legal. Check your local laws to see if you live in a free state or not before you start building.

What the hell is Crowd Sourced Design? - It's inspiring people with a question, and recording the results. The question is - How can one build an AR receiver from small ABS plastic bricks?

Why are you so insistent on a thumbhole stock?

This thread about a magnesium lower

An early Defense Distributed design

A broken plastic Vulcan lower.

Another view.

Above, a Vulcan plastic lower that broke.

PursuitSS of ARFCOM posted two pictures of a broken Hesse plastic lower here.

And angus6 of ARFCOM posted in the same thread.

Another broken plastic lower.

Above, another plastic lower failure in the upper receiver rear pin/buffer tube area.

A broken plastic lower.

Above, a broken plastic lower.

Olympic aluminum cast lower failure.

Above, an Olympic cast aluminum lower failure.

ARFCOM member J_MONEY posted some interesting failures in this thread.

A broken magnesium lower.

A broken magnesium lower.

A broken magnesium lower.

Who are you guys? - The as yet un-indicted co-conspirators.

I want to play! - Shoot us an email with a picture of your partial build, or a design in MLCad.

Why are you doing this? - We're cheap bastards who don't want to buy even an inexpensive mill from China or a $550 3-D printer kit in order to make our own AR lowers.

You're taking advantage of a loophole in the law. - The law is the law. If you're saying there's a loophole in the law, you're just saying that what we're doing is legal, and you want it to be illegal. That's fine - write your Congressperson. That's how democracy works.

You'll have blood on your hands when someone is killed w/ one of these! - Depends. We'll be proud the first time a burglar, robber, carjacker, kidnapper, murderer, rapist or child molester is stopped by a plastic brick lower.

I live in the People's Republic of Nxx Yxxx, and I want you to pay my legal bills b/c I got arrested after building one of these where it's illegal. - Dumbass. We're not paying your legal bills, medical bills, or any other bills. No warranty means no warranty. Check to make sure it's legal before you build it or move to a free state.

You're just doing this to get rich. - Nope. We're doing this to get rich.

Can I shoot my .50"Beowulf, .450"Bushmaster, .458"SOCOM, or .50"BMG upper on this? - Doubt it. 1, we've not even designed it yet. 2, we don't even know if it'll handle .223" - though we suspect it will. Remember the NO WARRANTY bit? You're the one building it - build it well, glue it well, and try out the upper you don't mind getting hit in the head with when your build fails. Update: The FGW Mk 8 stock holds up to 24 rounds of 12 ga 3" 00 buck.

A plastic AR receiver will never hold up to even .223"Remington. - Well, the Bushmaster Carbon 15's been on sale for years - admitedly, that's a carbon fiber receiver. Cavalry Arms was the first plastic lower, and they molded in a fixed stock to obviate the weak point behind the rear upper lug pin. Now there's several standard plastic lowers on the market that appear to be holding up - or you can print a Defense Distributed. Their latest video as of April 2013 shows 600+ rounds through their upper w/ no cracks. You might also want to watch the video at this link to see how strong plastic bricks can be.

Anyone can use y'alls design to build an illegal machine gun. - And anyone can use a mill to build a machinegun out of an 80% aluminum lower. It's still a felony if you do so, and there's perfectly legal ways to own a machine gun in the United States. We have glued in bricks where the auto-sear would fit in a M-16 receiver. If you've come up with your own design, that's your own design. We're only going to put semi-auto designs out there.

Your HTML coding sucks. - Well, frickin' volunteer to fix it then! Send me an email with your credentials and an example of your prowess.

When I click on your email address, nothing happens, and when I type it, I get a bounce back. - Take the spaces out, use the @ sign, and the word period is an archaic name for the dot character.

Where can I send money? - Don't send money - go buy some plastic bricks, and start building. Play with ABS Cement & other glues - don't sniff!. Develop gluing techniques - and send them in. Build some plans in MLCAD & send in the files. When we have plans here, we'll post 'em. Hopefully we'll have a thumbhole stock to test in a few months - we'll need you to build it and test it on your existing AR.